Award Recipients

Distinguished Member Award

Each year, NHRMA presents two Distinguished Member Awards:

  • To NHRMA’s Past-President
  • To a NHRMA member selected from nominations submitted for consideration



1940 General H. G. Winsor Washington
1941 Laurin E. Hinman Oregon
1942 Joseph W. Rupley Washington
1943 Robert H. Williams Oregon
1944 Robert A. Sutemeister Washington
1945 Sheldon F. Kiser Washington
1946 Harold M. Gowing Oregon
1947 Caremce W. Sherman Washington
1948 Victor C. Gault Washington
1949 Angus A. Campbell British Columbia
1950 Roy S. Leighton Washington
1951 Wallace Burch Washington
1952 Roy H. Lund British Columbia
1953 William R. Wren Washington
1954 A. Ralph Kluckner British Columbia
1955 Peter Piper Washington
1956 Willis A. Noel Oregon
1957 Nell K. Smith Washington
1958 W. J. Williams British Columbia
1959 F. N. Jacoby Oregon
1960 J. Stuart Don British Columbia
1961 William Ludders Oregon
1962 Earl J. Johnson Washington
1963 Robert L. Burke Washington
1964 Norman F. Stone Oregon
1965 S. T. Fitzpatrick British Columbia
1966 Clarence E. Baker Washington
1967 S. T. “Si” Ford Oregon
1968 William Zimmerman, SPHR Oregon
1969 Donald E. Forsander Washington
1970 W. G. Bender Victoria, BC
1971 Norman C. Wiese** Oregon
1972 Roy P. McCrary Washington
1973 Blair A. Babcock** Oregon
1974 Fred C. Campbell Washington
1975 G. H. Hayes British Columbia
1976 Thomas C. Bryan Washington
1977 Pauline W. Tiffany** Oregon
1978 Robert W. Denomy** Washington
1979 Thomas G. Kelley, SPHR Oregon
1980 Raymond Joseph Washington
1981 Ralph L Haight Oregon
1982 Rex A. Newell Oregon
1983 Joyce L. Johnson Washington
1984 Donald T. Strom Oregon
1985 Robert H. Weaver Alaska
1986 John Lynn Washington
1987 Jim E. Russell, SPHR Oregon
1988 Jerry D. Odell, SPHR Oregon
1989 Bruce Inselman Oregon
1990 Robert Hilsmann, SPHR Washington
1991 Bernice M. Vonnegut, SPHR Washington
1992 Rian H. Brown, SPHR Oregon
1993 Sandra K. O’Neal, SPHR Washington
1994 Janice A. Miller, SPHR* Washington
1995 John Mack Washington
1996 Jim Zwicker, SPHR Oregon
1997 Bert Mills* Washington
1998 Arve Solomon* Alaska
1999 Rick Coffey, SPHR, CEBS, CPC, CPCM* Washington
2000 Alan Cabelly, Ph.D., SPHR* Oregon
2001 Debby Ogan, PHR* Washington
2002 Isaac Dixon, SPHR* Oregon
2003 Catherine Dovey, SPHR, CCP* Washington
2004 Scott Washburn, PHR Washington
2005 Jill Faughender, SPHR Oregon
2006 Rochelle Crollard, SPHR* Washington
2007 Monique Little, PHR Oregon
2008 Dennis Stevenson, Ph.D., SPHR, GPHR, REBC, CEBS, CFP Washington
2009 Marilyn Hoppen, SPHR* Washington
2010 Donna Schneider, SPHR* Washington
2011 Rick Howell, GPHR, SPHR, CCP* Oregon
2012 Ren’ee Mangini, SPHR, GPHR Washington
2013 Laurie Roe, SPHR Oregon
2014 Lisa Snively Oregon
2015 Laurie Roe, SPHR Oregon
2016 Patty Hickok Alaska
2017 Patty Billingsly Alaska






Randy Lundberg Northern Lights Award


1996 Anchorage SHRM – Outstanding Chapter Operations
1997 Portland Human Resource Management Association (PHRMA) – Outstanding Chapter Operations
1998 Eugene-Springfield (Lane County HRMA) – Outstanding Chapter Operations
1999 Central Oregon – Revitalization of Chapter
2000 Yakima Valley – Job Fair
2001 Southwest Washington Human Resource Management Association (SWHRMA) – Outstanding First Year
2002 No information available
2003 Spokane Valley Chapter – Combating Health Care Costs
2004 Anchorage SHRM – Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
2005 Apple Valley Human Resource Association – Community Relations and Professional Development
2006 Snohomish County Chapter – Outstanding Chapter Operations
2007 Portland Human Resource Management Association – Student Workforce Readiness Program
2008 Anchorage SHRM Chapter – Diversity Seminar
2009 Mid Willamette Valley Chapter – Overall Chapter Excellence
2010 Anchorage SHRM Chapter – The Last HRCI Recertification Frontier
2011 Columbia Basin Chapter of SHRM – Veteran’s Career Fair & Workshops
2012 Anchorage SHRM Chapter – A Multi-Agency Partnership at Work
2013 West Sound SHRM Chapter – Preparing Veterans for Success
2014 2014 Apple Valley HR Management Association (AVHRA) – Achieving Excellence in Overall Chapter Operations and Revitalization
2015    Portland Human Resource Management Association (PHRMA) -Engaging, Empowering and Inspiring Members  
2016   Apple Valley Human Resources Association- Outstanding Chapter Excellence




1992 Sean Madian, Mid-Willamette University
1993 Mindy Morris Harter, Western Washington University
1994 Becky Easley Whitten, Portland State University
1995 Theresa Terrill, Southern Oregon State College
1996 Chris Land, Western Washington University
1997 A. Cybelle Lyon, Ph.D., Portland State University
1998 Jenni Smith, Western Washington University
1999 Julie Dondaville, MBA, Portland State University
2000 Brian Kickbush, Central Washington University
2001 Meghann Daily, Central Washington University
2002 Michael Levine, Western Washington University
2003 Patty Hickok, University of Alaska – Anchorage
2004 Kay Loh, University of Washington
2005 Laurie Slonecker, Gonzaga University
2006 Michael Larman, Washington State University Vancouver
2006 Kristine Foreman, Central Washington University
2007 Michelle Rutherford, University of Washington
2008 Sharon Gattman, Portland State University
2009 Lauren Bair, Central Washington University
2010 Bonnie Dorman, Wayland Baptist University – Anchorage
2011 Julie Drinen, Wayland Baptist University – Anchorage
2012 Lorissa Porteous, Portland State University
2013 Brittany Sogge, Wayland Baptist University – Anchorage
2014 Rachel Saddler, Wayland Baptist University – Anchorage
2015   Elizabeth Zapien, Portland State University
2016   Armaity Irani – Lake Washington Institute of Technology 
Lane County Human Resource Association- Advancing the HR Profession through Innovative Employer Grants