Vendor Directory

Industry Company Email Address Work Phone Company Website
Compensation and Benefits Airlift [email protected] 4254447972
Compensation and Benefits Alliant Employee Benefits [email protected] 206-204-9121
Compensation and Benefits Brown & Brown Northwest Benefit Advisors [email protected] 503.219.3255
Compensation and Benefits Cascade Centers, Inc. [email protected] 503-214-2635
Compensation and Benefits Colonial Life [email protected] 425.941.6339
Compensation and Benefits Compensation Connections LLC [email protected] 206-946-8056
Compensation and Benefits HUB International Northwest [email protected] 8587687309
Compensation and Benefits Oregon Employment Department | Work Share Program [email protected] 5034762101 (Fiona)
Compensation and Benefits Parker Smith and Feek [email protected] 4257093764
Compensation and Benefits The Partners Group [email protected] 458.206.2004
Compensation and Benefits TPSC [email protected] 800.426.9786
Compensation and Benefits USI Kibble & Prentice [email protected] 2066767476
Compensation and Benefits Wellspring EAP [email protected] 2069032309
Employment Screening Services ACRAnet, Inc. [email protected] 5093241241
Employment Screening Services Advanced Reporting [email protected] 5033750454
Employment Screening Services Alliance 2020 [email protected] 425-264-1019
Employment Screening Services DataQuest – Employment Screening & Drug Testing Services [email protected] 888-443-0135
Employment Screening Services Drug Free Business [email protected] 800-598-3437
Employment Screening Services Minert & Associates [email protected] 2088844100
Employment Screening Services Occuscreen [email protected] 888-833-5304
Employment Screening Services PAML [email protected] 509-755-8578
Employment Screening Services Pinnacle Investigations [email protected] 5092524541
Employment Screening Services SkillSurvey [email protected] 2067711015
Financial Services Foresters Financial [email protected] 503-296-7676
Financial Services HSA Bank [email protected] 920 453 9811
Financial Services Valentine 401(k) [email protected] 541.749.1009
HR Services Archbright [email protected] 2063291120
HR Services Cascade Employers Association [email protected] 503-485-5929
HR Services HR Answers, Inc. [email protected] 503-885-9815
HR Services myStaffingPro [email protected] 480-296-0463
HR Services Residence XII [email protected] 425.823.8844 ext. 109
HR Services Strada Communication, Inc. [email protected] 360-573-5464
HR Services Vigilant [email protected] 503.620.1710
HR Services Workday [email protected] 877.967.5329
HRIS/Technology ADP [email protected] 503-353-1522
HRIS/Technology BenefitElect [email protected] 541-323-1600
HRIS/Technology Ceridian [email protected] 416.987.2987 ext. 2092
HRIS/Technology ColumbiaSoft [email protected] 5036083268
HRIS/Technology Delphia Consulting [email protected] 614.754.4359
HRIS/Technology GNSA [email protected] 503-972-1966
HRIS/Technology Kronos, Inc. [email protected] 800-225-1561
HRIS/Technology Paychex, Inc. [email protected] 585-218-6925
HRIS/Technology PayNorthwest [email protected] 206.432.3733
Legal Services Associated Industries | Trusted Employer Advisors [email protected] 5092904802
Other Services, please specify: Drug Testing CIC Credit Employment Screening [email protected] 360-892-0687
Other Services, please specify: Employee Surveys TalentMap [email protected] 613-248-3417 ext. 512
Other Services, please specify: Employer Onsite Medical Services QuadMed Employer Onsite Medical Clinics [email protected] 503-998-7297
Other Services, please specify: Healthcare VSP Vision Care [email protected] 9168515125
Other Services, please specify: Healthcare & Insurance Willamette Dental Group [email protected] 5039522182
Other Services, please specify: Homeownership Benefits Enhanced Benefits Group [email protected] 866-505-3244
Other Services, please specify: HR Consulting & Talent Development Lee Hecht Harrison [email protected] 503-221-0241
Other Services, please specify: Onsite clinics Vera Whole Health [email protected] 2065758886
Other Services, please specify: pre-employmeny assessments Prevue HR [email protected] 8882773883
Other Services, please specify: Real Estate Management Brooks Resources [email protected] 541-749-2927
Other Services, please specify: SaaS Technology Company NAVIS [email protected] 5415504541
Other Services, please specify: University/College Columbia Southern University [email protected] 251.923.4234
Other Services, please specify: Workplace Investigations InvestiPro [email protected] 800-779-4062
Rewards/Recognition Microcom [email protected] 907-264-0039
Rewards/Recognition O.C. Tanner [email protected] 503-691-9337
Safety/Ergonomics Washington Retail Association [email protected] 360.200.6454
Staffing Management ApplicantPro [email protected] 8886339269
Staffing Management Express Employment Professionals [email protected] 541.389.1505
Staffing Management Manpower [email protected] 503-226-6281 x70216
Training/Organizational Development Center for Creative Leadership [email protected] 858-638-8017
Training/Organizational Development Executive Forum [email protected] 503-206-8369
Training/Organizational Development Human Resources and Management Solutions [email protected] 5098334770
Training/Organizational Development Lane Community College [email protected] 541-463-5585
Training/Organizational Development Northwest Nazarene University [email protected] 2084678374 Northwest Nazarene University
623 S. University Boulevard, ESWC, Room 405
Training/Organizational Development Red Kite [email protected] 503.941.5212
Training/Organizational Development VitalSmarts [email protected] 801-724-6324